Best AR-10 Triggers

Best AR 10 Trigger To Improve Performance and Accuracy

Let’s face it, when it comes to your AR-10, the trigger is by far the most important part.

A consistent, smooth trigger pull at just the right pull weight, will have the greatest effect on your accuracy.

Of course, the best AR Triggers won’t help fix bad fundamentals or techniques. But they will help enhance and improve your consistency.

Simply stated, when you upgrade to one of the best Drop-in Triggers for your rifle. You will find yourself improving your accuracy and appreciating the shooting experience even more.

You’ll also be glad to know…

The Best AR-10 Drop-in Triggers
Hunters, competitive shooters, and real American Heroes rate these as the best drop-in triggers for your AR-10:

1. Velocity Classic AR-10 Drop-in Trigger
2. Velocity MPC Trigger
3. Timney 308 Drop-in Trigger

Now you might be wondering what makes these 3 AR-10 Drop-in Triggers better than the rest.

The fact of the matter is, hunters and competitive shooters, want a trigger that will break without any warning. Reason being that it helps improve your accuracy because you won’t flinch when anticipating the recoil of the shot.

What’s more, each of these Drop-in Triggers has been designed specifically to work in your AR. 

Each of these triggers has a very short overtravel which means your next shot after the trigger pull can be quicker and more accurate downrange.

You’ll also be glad to know that the minimal “break” prevents you from applying an excessive amount of force which can lead to inaccuracy. In other words, when you upgrade to a high quality trigger your accuracy naturally begins to improve as well.

Of course, the ultimate benefit of upgrading your AR with a drop-in trigger is that they can be easily installed in minutes.

In the end, until you have tried a Velocity Drop-in Trigger for yourself and felt the difference, you’ll never really realize the full potential of your AR-10.