Best AR-15 Trigger Guards

Are you looking to replace the trigger guard on your AR?

No matter what, a quality trigger guard give you easy access to the trigger even when you are wearing gloves.

In addition, it gives you a place to rest your finger when you’re not ready to shoot.

The primary benefit of using an AR Trigger Guard is in combat situations or hunting, where you don’t want to shoot anything on accident.

Also, trigger guards give you a safe and reliable point of contact to locate the trigger in extreme conditions like rain or snow. In other words, you can keep your focus on the target rather than having to look down and find the trigger when you want to shoot.

Overall, the best trigger guards on the market will be made from Billet aluminum in order to provide you with the durability and comfort that you want.

That’s why, you will want to consider the Sentinel Trigger Guard by Velocity Triggers.

Some benefits of the Sentinel Trigger Guard

-Easily and quickly installs in less than a few minutes
-Provides easy access to the trigger even when you are wearing gloves
-Made from Billet aluminum for durability and comfort.
-Comes in a variety of different colors and styles that add a bit of flavor to your AR

Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. out of Billet aluminum. It is either anodized or cerakoted to offer you a variety of different colors. You are also able to choose solid, 3 hole or slotted styles.

Personally, we have found that the 3 Hole or Slotted Trigger Guard works the best with a MPC Drop In Trigger as it gives you easy access to the adjustable trigger shoes.

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