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  1. I’m building my first AR 15 in 300 aac , wondering if lower parts kit will be ok for it and what trigger pull weight will be the best for my build . My build will be for range and home defense .

    1. Yes.
      3 to 4 pounds would be good.

  2. I have a trigger in the cart. I was wondering if it would work in smith-wesson M&P 15-22? Thanks for your time
    Sincerely yours
    Jamie Esch

    1. Yes

  3. Hi Thaddeus, I ordered a trigger and my order # is 46986. My name is Shawn Held and my phone # is 786-344-7531. I wanted to make sure it will fit my .308 lower? Also, how long does it take to ship? Much appreciated!

  4. You ship to puerto rico?

    1. Yes we ship to Puerto Rico.

  5. Good appreciate your help

  6. I have a DPMS model LR-308, will your trigger work in this model?

    1. Yes the Velocity Classic and MPC Triggers will work in a DPMS LR-308

  7. Will the velocity 15-22 trigger work in an AR LOWER with 22 conversion cmmg ???

    1. Hi Larry, You will want the Steel-Case Trigger

  8. Will these fit on a Colt Sporter Lightweight with sear block?

  9. I purchased a Velocity 3.5lb. trigger for my AR rifle. And, I can honestly say. It is probably the best single upgrade, I have done. 10 minutes tops, to get my tools, gunsmith mat, and disassemble then replace the factory trigger. Instantly went from an 8lb. Trigger to a consistent 4lb trigger. So AWESOME! Simply Triggers was great to do business with. Highly recommend.

  10. Purchased the 3lb. AR-15 Velocity trigger and install set screws with loctite that then caused the trigger to malfunction. Anyway I got in touch with customer service who responded to me in less than 24 hrs. Ultimately I was able to exchange it for a brand new one and live happily ever after. The customer service at Simply Triggers is next to none. And the new trigger works great! Thanks again ST, for your fast response and satisfactory service!!!

  11. Hi I was looking to buy a Velocity AR 10 trigger and wondered if you had them in stock? I didn’t see on your website where it said they were in stock or backorder. Thank yoy

    1. Yes the Classic Velocity AR 10 Triggers are in stock.

  12. Do you have the velocity AR 10 drop in triggers in stock?

  13. Will I need to get different pins to install the velocity 4lb on a 15/22 or can I use the pins they came with???

    1. You can use the pins that came with it.

  14. Do you feel much difference with the m&p 15-22 4lb. Trigger from the stock 6-8lb. ? And is it 4lbs. To ensure positive fire or do you offer a3lb. Trigger for the S&W m&p 15-22 ? Do you need anti – walk pins ? I’ve look for reviews on the 4lb. Trigger but have found none, sorry but I’m a trigger snob ! Thankyou wcs

    1. Hi William, You will notice the difference between the standard mill-spec pull weight and the 4lb Steel-Case.
      You dont need anti-walk pins.

  15. Do y’all send a email when it ships with tracking number. I ordered a trigger from y’all and have no clue if it’s shipped.

    1. Yes. Our emails might be going to your spam/junk folder.
      Your order shipped yesterday as Monday was a holiday.

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