Velocity Precision Recoiless Bolt Carrier


The Velocity Precision Recoil-less Bolt Carrier is designed with accuracy and performance in mind. The unique PATENT PENDING design is stronger than other low mass bolt carriers and is one of the lightest bolt carriers on the market.

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The Velocity Precision Recoil-less Bolt Carrier significantly reduces your rifle’s recoil impulse for faster follow up shots and its Nano Diamond Nickel coating makes it extremely wear resistant, easy to clean and uncompromisingly durable. This unique coating creates a very slick surface which reduces the probability of failures due to a lack of lubrication, reduces typical wear and tear on expensive parts and truly makes shooting your AR-15 much more fun.

TOM’S PRO TIP: Get Complete Performance
The REAL value when it comes to lightweight bolt carriers comes when it’s paired with an adjustable gas block!  Reducing the rifle’s returning gas, TOGETHER with the reduced weight of the bolt carrier is what reduces the recoil and muzzle rise to nearly zero! Without both you’re really only going halfway! If you’d like to save yourself some money we have options below to include a bolt or you can simply take the bold out of your existing BCG and drop it into your new carrier!

If you only want to half the performance, or if you already have an adjustable gas block or bolt we have options for you as well!


Our Recoil-less Bolt Carrier runs great with both suppressed and unsuppressed rifles and while it was designed for performance, it also happens to look really cool too. When paired with our adjustable gas block the performance cannot be beat.

  • The Carrier weighs 6.8oz
  • Almost 3oz of steel removed
  • Nano Diamond Nickel coating
  • NDN Coating is harder and more wear resistant than other coatings and is more slick
  • NDN Coating is less likely to experience failures due to lubrication issues
  • Unique PATENT PENDING design is stronger than other low mass bolt carriers
  • Runs great suppressed
  • Faster follow up shots
  • More fun to shoot
  • Less wear on expensive parts
  • Great platform to teach kids to shoot a centerfire


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